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The Dominican Republic is internationally considered as a sports mecca, having recognition in the US sports market especially in the baseball and basketball area. MPF has knowledge and experience in handling the representation of sports teams, leagues, clubs, agents and players, offering services related to contractual disputes, as well as the drafting and interpretation of contracts, regulation and sport statutes, including services related to:


  • Contractual and labor disputes between player and club, club and player, agent and player.

  • Drafting and interpretation of contracts and sport bylaws.

  • International soccer transfers.

  • Advisory and representation of teams, sport players and agents in litigation.

  • Sports Arbitration (TAS-CAS).

  • Sports discipline.

  • Doping.

  • Negotiation, Drafting and Revision of:

  1. Sports player transfer contracts.

  2. Work contracts.

  3. Sports player agent representation contracts.

  4. Economic rights selling contracts

  5. Sponsor contracts. 

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