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Corporate, Business and Financial Law is one of the cornerstones of the practice in the firm. With vast experience in all kinds of corporate transactions, MPF is the perfect ally of all type of enterprises, in its initiation phase, as well in the assistance in the day-to-day corporate operations, and in the event of its merger or dissolution. In that regard, our firm offers a broad variety of services related to corporate and finance law, as well as services related with local and international distribution:


A. Basic Corporate Solutions


Includes all types of companies under DR regulation (E.I.R.L., S.R.L., S.A., S.A.S.):


  • Incorporations.

  • Transformations.

  • Dissolutions.

  • Change of name, domicile and activity.

  • Design and draft of corporate bylaws.

  • Management of basic corporate documentation. (General and Extraordinary General Shareholders Assemblies).


B. Advanced Corporate Solutions:


  • Management and Organization of Corporate Assets

  • Incorporation and Handling of Trusts.

  • Incorporation of Holdings.

  • Incorporation of Joint Ventures.

  • Design and incorporation of corporate groups.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions.

  • Structuration of buying and selling of corporate stocks and assets transactions.

  • Structuration of operations of debt capitalization.

  • Corporate restructuring.

  • Advising in the incorporation of new companies, business plan creation and finance seeking.


C. Local and International Distribution.


  • Drafting and negotiation of international distribution contracts.

  • Registration of exclusive distribution contracts in the Central Bank of the DR.

  • Litigation before local courts for the protection of exclusivity and abrupt termination of distribution rights.

  • Drafting and negotiation of agency and independent intermediation contracts.


D. Corporate Labor and Employment Solutions.


  • Corporate design for compliance of labor and employment regulations on gender, discrimination, work conditions, and worker rights.

  • Advisory in contracting and termination of labor contracts.

  • Advisory in the compliance with the national/foreign workers quota.

  • Advisory in the compliance with international best practices regarding work conditions.  

  • Legal representation before the local judiciary and administrative labor jurisdictions in the DR. 

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