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Globalization has provoked that people from different nationalities, find themselves in the necessity of reaching out to other countries for the conduction of businesses, and at the same time has created the need that the States must reach to agreements not only in Human Rights issues, but also in commerce and other industries. MPF has broad knowledge and experience in the handling of international law situations of different kinds, offering services in both the international public and private law fields.


A. Private International Law


  • Divorce of persons with different nationalities.

  • International adoption procedures.

  • Liability for traffic accidents that happened abroad.

  • Inheritance procedures for a foreign relative.

  • Contracts between companies of different nationalities.

  • Execution of judiciary decisions issued abroad.

  • General immigration services:

  1. Residences

  2. Work permits

  3. Naturalization

  4. Citizenship

  5. Underage travel permits


B. Public International Law


  • Representation of the Dominican State before International Courts and Organisms related to:

  • Human Rights

  • International Commerce

  • Intellectual Property

  • International Government Procurement

  • International Arbitration Procedures

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