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The economy in the Dominican Republic consists of a free but regulated market, which implicates that in most economic activities exists regulation and state oversight. Because of this, for the conduction of any business endeavor, companies in the interphase of its operations need to relate directly or indirectly with the Administration. Government and Administrative law represents one of the strongholds of the firm because of its knowledge and experience in different types of services related with the area, including:


A. Assistance in the Issuing of Government Permits and Licenses.


  • Sanitary registration of Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Products.

  • Acquisition of real estate property owned by government agencies. (CEA, INVI, IAD)

  • Environmental Licenses and Permits.

  • Municipal Licenses and Permits.

  • Construction Licenses and Permits.


B. Economic Regulation.


  • Social Security Law.

  • Education Law.

  • Health Law.

  • Mining Law.

  • Sea Law.

  • Aviation Law.

  • Insurance Law.

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