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Our department of corporate law is strengthened by working closely with our intellectual property and copyright law practice, that way, MPF works hard in seeking the protection of not only its material property, but also its corporate and personal property related with intellect and innovation. Our firm has experience and broad specialization on both national and international regulation on intellectual property and copyright issues, and offers all kinds of services in this area. Our services in the area include:


  • Registration of Commercial Names and Trademarks.

  • Registration of Brands.

  • Registration of Logos.

  • Registration of Slogans.

  • Registration of all type of Patents, National and International.

  • Supervision of the registration of new names for the protection of already registered names or brands.

  • Legal representation in administrative and judiciary litigation over intellectual property and copyrights. 

  • Registration of copyright creations before the National Copyright Office.

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