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MPF has one of the most specialized and experienced litigation departments, but also with a focus on alternative conflict resolution. That way, the firm has a landed vision on the solution of controversies of all kinds, both private and public, national or international, always seeking a cost-benefit analysis on every outcome.


  • Mediation.

  • Institutional arbitration.

  • Ad-Hoc Arbitration.

  • International arbitration.

  • Administrative litigation.

  • Contentious-administrative appeals.

  • Reconsideration resources.

  • Appeals to the hierarchical superior.

  • Actions in nullity.

  • Actions in patrimonial responsibility of public officials.

  • Constitutional litigation.

  • Actions of Amparo.

  • Actions for the Protection of Compliance.

  • Amparo Review Resources.

  • Resources for Constitutional Review of Final Judgments.

  • Conflicts of Competition.

  • Direct Actions of Unconstitutionality.

  • Civil and commercial litigation.

  • Criminal litigation.

  • Fraud and Embezzlement.

  • Corporate crimes.

  • Bank Frauds.

  • Corruption cases.

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