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The market of financial businesses in the Dominican Republic is considered as one of the most solid and stable of the region, and the banking and financial regulation is one of the most completes in Latin America. MPF possesses a high level of specialization in the field, offering services related to the creation, structuration, and advisory on the functioning of entities of financial intermediation, including incorporation of:


  • Financial intermediation entities (such as Multiple Banks, Savings and Loans Associations, Savings and Loans Banks and Corporations of Credit).

  • Banking sub-agents and other financial services providers.

  • Foreign financial entities and their functioning and operation in the financial system both local and regional.

  • Currency intermediation entities.

  • Stock Brokers

  • Administrators of Trust funds.

  • Fiduciary societies


Banking businesses services


  • Formalization of securities.

  • Revision of companies for creation of accounts.

  • Credit recuperation and judicial debt collection.

  • Execution of goods and real estate securities.

  • Drafting of all kind of contract for banking business (Loans, Investments, etc). 

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